And . . . . . go!

Don’t think of this as the first post of the blog.  Think of this as you and us finally tuning into the same frequency, finally getting in touch after years of just missing each other.  The Columbus International Film & Video Festival has been around for 56 years, but this year we’re going public in a big way, going full frontal, crashing on the shores of Columbus with waves of film and energy, where before we were more of a deep, quiet pool of cinematic veneration and seriousness.  (If one can’t mix metaphors in a blog, then where?  And is “full frontal” a cheap ploy to drum up web search hits or a ploy to hook Soderbergh nuts?, oh wait, we did it again; well, stay tuned!)

Yes, 56 years!  The Festival is the oldest in North America.  With that many years behind us, we don’t need to publish a manifesto or a mission statement.  Certainly not in a blog post, for Godard’s sake.  (Though you can read our history HERE.)  So let this post simply serve as a friendly ‘What ho’ and an invitation to join us on our other platforms—Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and RSS. 


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