Jury Duty, film style

Before we start posting news about upcoming screenings, rallies, parties, and drag shows (no joke), I wanted to give a quick report on another amazing juror meeting I was at the other night.  A few of us met over pie to hash out the winners of one of the Festival’s hotter film divisions.  I won’t be giving too much away to say that we got a lot of films about Iraq this year.  And talking about a heated documentary subject while also weighing all of the cinematic merits of various films is some of the most fun a film lover can have.  (I made sure to hide the knives, first.)

The group was diverse, the film subjects varied (beyond the war, of course), and there were plenty of disagreements.  But by the end we scraped out a consensus. Everyone seemed pretty happy, and we were all excited about giving some recognition to an independently made film that was mindblowingly realistic. 

Every winter we add new jurors to the Festival, and I highly recommend the experience.  The Festival has always been closely tied to the Columbus community, and the juror pool is no different: jurors come from the area and are experts at one relevant thing or another.  If you think you might be up for it, make a mental note and keep in touch!


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