A Teaser for Our First 2008 Event

Here’s a teaser preview for our first screening event of 2008. John Ellis’s film “Free for All!” brings the national debate over our elections to one of its flashpoints, central Ohio. Upset at the 2000 election and then apoplectic over the scandals of 2004, John brought his free-wheeling documentary style to the Heart of It All in 2006.  If you currently live in Ohio, the film quickly becomes “too close to home.” Between the countless shots of Columbus and the exploration of Ken Blackwell’s modus, one gets the idea that Columbus was the GOP/Diebold Death Star of vote rigging. But John didn’t just bring his cameras to Columbus:  he was converted from filmmaker to activist. He helped create Video the Vote, the grassroots effort to document the 2006 election. At the end of the film, predictions are made for 2008.  No wagers, please.

DETAILS:  Friday, Sept. 26th, 7pm, CSCC Center for Workforce Development Center, 315 Cleveland Ave., admission free!  John Ellis will present his film and hold a Q&A afterward. 


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