First Screening of 2008 Combines Election Fraud and Big Laughs

Director John Ennis got some big laughs on Friday night with his film FREE FOR ALL! Who knew election fraud could be so funny? There were a few hisses, too, when local electoral villains appeared. Clearly John’s film was well received, and we’re chalking up our first screening of 2008 as a big success.
The film got a great introduction by Bob Fitrakis (for more on Bob, go HERE). He also made it clear the best thing one can do to ensure proper elections is to be a poll worker (to investigate that for Columbus, go HERE).
Anyway, John took some questions afterward, and we were really happy to have him. It was great to kick off the 2008 season with a director visit.
John had just come from Florida investigating new voter caging projects. To keep up with John’s work and support his efforts, go HERE. (He even has his own photos of the event on his blog. We’ll be posting our photos tomorrow.)


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