This Thursday! “How Ohio Pulled It Off” @ Studio 35, 7pm

Join us for our second screening of 2008, HOW OHIO PULLED IT OFF, at Studio 35 on Thursday.  The film (65 min) discusses the 2004 election, the HAVA act, electronic machines, and explains why it always rains on election day in Ohio.  (okay, one of those isn’t true.)  Food, drink, election fraud, and predictions for November 4th, . . . but wait, that’s not all.  Following the screening is the VP debate on the big screen at 9pm.  This debate is a historic event in American politics—a live TV showcase of the celebration of the Everyman (or -mom) in politics taken to its (il?)logical conclusion—, and what better way to watch it than with your peers and/or alcohol?  Plus, someone might get shot in the face (…Veep’hood:  it’s not just about braking ties in the Senate anymore…it’s also about shooting old men in the face).

DETAILS: Thursday, Oct.2, 7pm, Studio 35, 3055 Indianola Ave. (Clintonville), admission $5


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