Second Screening of 2008 Gets Raucous

A big crowd turned out Thursday night to watch the documentary HOW OHIO PULLED IT OFF at Studio 35.  The Columbus International Film + Video Festival is not known for its raucous events, but with so many changes happening around here, we might be up for that mantle, too.  (Raucous people probably don’t use the word “mantle,” do they?  Hmm.)
Anyway, I’ll let J.R. McMillan, a juror for the Festival, do some of our work, here.  He was on duty Thursday night as a writer for the Huffington Post and wrote the full story for the world to read.  He nailed much of the early audience as “graying former hippies and freshly minted hipsters.”  As the line continued to stretch out the front door, you could tell people were fired up.  Bob Fitrakis held court with some burly revolutionaires near the bar, while Rock the Vote handed out buttons and squeezed the crowd for its unregistered voters.

After the film, several speakers got up front and talked about participating on Nov.4, but it was hard not to be distracted by the throngs pouring into the theater for part two of the event—the VP debate.  Before long, all of the seats were taken, the aisles were full, and the theater was on the cusp of a fire marshal issue.  The crowd was especially rowdy in the minutes before the debate.  At one point, the candidate for the 15th Congressional seat, Mary Jo Kilroy, got up to address the crowd, but, aside from some polite applause, it seemed most people were not interested in listening.

You can read J.R.’s full report on how the debate went down.  Apparently Sarah Palin’s folksy and reliable lexicon inspired both BINGO and drinking games (“maverick”?  drink!).  Almost everyone stayed until the end.  It definitely felt semi-historic.

Our next event is in three weeks, but stay tuned here for near daily updates on the Festival, the Columbus film scene, and random filmic ephemera.


One response to “Second Screening of 2008 Gets Raucous

  1. can’t wait for the random filmic ephemera!

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