My Columbus Film Beat: Jim Leo

Today we introduce the feature My Columbus Film Beat wherein area film types have 100 words to introduce themselves.  Jim’s entry is especially pertinent given his big premiere tomorrow.  Stay tuned for a new bio at least once a week.

*   *   *

I write, direct, and produce feature length movies.

My first feature, Passing the Bar, won second place, out of thirty five entries, in the comedy division at the Indie Gathering Film Festival.

My second feature, Six Days, will premiere on November 1, 2008. The movie tells the story of a pizza maker who has six days to pay off a five hundred thousand-dollar debt to the mob. Six Days features many talented actors from central Ohio and was shot in Columbus, Cleveland, California, and Las Vegas.

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3 responses to “My Columbus Film Beat: Jim Leo

  1. This is genius! Whoever thought of mini-intros to local film types should be awarded a small metal statuette of some historical figure!

  2. If I had a recommendation who should I send it to?

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