THURSDAY SCREENING(S!): “Pageant” @ Axis; “Student Div. Winners” @ CCAD

Thursday night is a big one for the CIF+VF.  It’s our first multi-venue evening ever.  If you can’t find a good time at one of these two events, . . . they probably make a pill for that.

DETAILS, EVENT #1:  Student Division Winners @ CCAD; 8pm; 60 Cleveland Ave.; Admission free for students, $5 for others; parking free in CCAD lots; Join us for an evening of award-winning student films from around the world.

DETAILS, EVENT #2: “Pageant” + drag @ Axis; 8pm, 775 N. High Street (Short North); Admission $7 at the door; “Pageant” follows fifty men as they compete for the 34th Miss Gay America®.  Following the film is a drag show (the Festival’s first!).


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