SUNDAY SCREENING: “A Promise to the Dead: The Exile Journey of Ariel Dorfman,” @CCAD, 8pm

We close our festival tonight with the documentary A Promise to the Dead, an exploration of exile, activism, longing, and democracy through the words and memories of author/activist Ariel Dorfman. Stephen Holden of the New York Times called this film “A life changing experience…a profile in courage colored with the anxiety of a human rights activist faced with painful moral choices.”

(personal note:  this is one of the best documentaries i’ve ever seen.  this film seamlessly goes from a biography to a political history to a meditation on the individual’s role historic moments.  it’s essential viewing for anyone who strives to be an activist or who wants to make a thoughtful film.)

DETAILS:  Sun., 11/16, Canzani Center (CCAD), 60 Cleveland Ave., parking free in CCAD lots or on street, admission free for all students, all others just $5.


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