EL FIN? Not for long. . .

We are celebrating another successful film festival, around here.  We’d like to thank out sponsors . . . our volunteers . . . the Academy…

But seriously, if you couldn’t tell, the 2008 festival was higher voltage than in previous years.  We definitely created some heat (and no one was harmed in the process (well, my injuries include some back pain from a filmmaker’s very heavy suitcase …and a parking ticket)).  We brought more films to more venues than ever before.  We managed to juggle politics, drag, Irish boxing, and revolution in nearly every genre of filmmaking possible.  Plus, we proved the “International” in “CIF+VF” isn’t just for good looks.  The accents heard at the party on Saturday night showed that the festival still has some pull around the world.

But we were maybe most excited to make a lot new friends around town.  The CIF+VF cadre is looking forward to working with a lot of new people, forging new relationships, building bridges between communities, pushing the art in new directions, and exploding the ideas of film and filmmaking, . . . in short, creating a socio-artistic mashup that will put Columbus on the map.

Over the next couple months, we’ll be posting various things here:  festival reviews, local bios, photos, upcoming events, calls for volunteers, posited theses, weather reports, pod-manifestoes, and whatnot.

But wait, there’s more:  this has all been a long commercial break before the . . . Festival Epilogue!  We’re actually bringing you one more film!  It’s on Tues., 11/25.  Details shortly…(okay, here’s a hint)

Thanks again for a great festival.  See you around.


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