SCREENING: “Boogieman: The Lee Atwater Story” @ the Drexel, 11/25, 8pm

We promised an epilogue to the CIF+VF, and here it is: Tuesday night’s screening of Boogieman, a political documentary that explains the last 25 years of American politics and the art & science of divisiveness.  Lee Atwater created formulas for winning elections and for holding onto power; he was the Isaac Newton of the Republican Party, and the laws he discovered included the rhetorical equivalent of gravity—that fundamental downward force—that has shaped the country perhaps more than any single force in decades.

In contrast to the subject, this might be the most balanced political documentary you’ll ever see. Many sides of the issue are presented, and all the interviewees seem very unedited.  Viewers of all political persuasions—the Machiavellian ruiners and the softy uniters, alike—will walk away feeling validated.

The Nov. 4th election was a rare defeat for the Atwater method, but it surely doesn’t indicate the method’s death.

DETAILS: Tues., 11/25, Drexel Theater (Bexley), 2254 Main St., 7:30pm; Admission is free!


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