Local Film Contest

This winter is giving us all extra time to sit in front of our iMovie and FCE and whatnot, so think about making an entry for the contest below.

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From: J. Michael Lewis
Subject: [ColumbusMovieClub] Ohio Film Office Contest

Ohio Film Office Contest

The Ohio Film Office is holding a contest! The goal is to get
residential filmmakers of Ohio some recognition for their talents and

The contest will begin February 18th and run for three weeks. The idea
is to get Ohio filmmakers to pair with bands and make a music video.
The video, once submitted, will be posted to a website (as yet to be
set up) which will actually be hosted up on YouTube. From there people
can vote for the videos for two weeks in order to narrow down the
field. Top entries will then be judged by a panel (members yet to be

As this is all about Ohio the videos will need to include “Ohio” as a
visual somewhere in it, be it a sign, sports team, or something else
cast in a positive light. The filmmakers MUST LIVE IN OHIO and this is
all about the INDIE.

The prize package for this is going to be pretty substantial and very
exciting. (That’s all I can say right now).

Further information, rules, prize info, eligibility, etc. is pending
and will be coming shortly. Be alert and stay tuned to hear more about
this exciting event!

– J


One response to “Local Film Contest

  1. I heard The Ohio Film Office’s upcoming Music Video Challenge has an awesome prize package for the winner which includes a pair of tickets to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony; an array of services from Ante Up Audio, Greg Wilson Photo, KP Photo, Marengo Luxury Spa; meals at Hard Rock Café and House of Blues; and much more.

    Be sure to check out the official YouTube contest page at http://www.youtube.com/group/DiscoverOhioFilm (after February 18), view the Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=48597332988 or follow @OhioFilmOffice on Twitter.

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