SCREENING: “Meat the Truth,” Tues., 3/24, @ Drexel East, 7:30pm

filmposter“A vegetarian in a Hummer is better than a meat eater in a Prius,” say the makers of Meat the Truth. The fact that industrial meat production accounts for around 18% of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions usually goes unreported. SUVs and coal plants are easy targets in environmental talk, but if we’re going to be serious about cutting emissions, we will need to take a closer look at our habits and consider their true costs.

Join us at the Drexel Theater in Bexley next week to watch Meat the Truth. The screening is free and will be followed by a guest speaker from Mercy for Animals, with the conversation spilling into the Radio Cafe afterwards.  Sponsored by the Free Press, Drexel Theater, Central Ohio Green Education Fund, and your friendly CIF+VF.

Details:  Tues., Mar.24, 7:30pm, Drexel East Theater, Bexley, OH  2254 E. Main St., admission free, donations gratefully accepted.


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