From Our Friends at Brothers Drake Meadery

Mead and movies go hand-in-hand for us at Brothers Drake. Woody Drake was working as a scenic artist in film and theatre when he discovered mead in 1994. He started originally by making beer as a wonderful way to build community and exercise creativity.

While reading The New Complete Joy of Homebrew by Charlie Papazian, he came across 11-pages which set his mind on fire.

The pages described an ancient alcohol made of honey…indigenous to every culture, born at the cusp of humanity, with a range of flavors wider than beer or wine…

Instantly, he was like… “where can I get this amazing deliciousness!?!?” So, he marched down to the local liquor store and asked for mead.

The guy was like “Meat? We don’t sell meat… I don’t….” and after a brief clarification, they still didn’t sell mead.

So, Woody went home and decided to make mead.

And, it was DELICIOUS. Amazing. He would bring a small amount to a cast party or give a bottle as a personal gift and the buzz spread. People kept coming and asking….begging….pleading….for more, and as the medals from homebrew competitions stacked up, Columbus’ own Brothers Drake Meadery was created. In 2003, Woody left scenic artistry and now works full time making the mead magic happen.

Given his background, when Susan Halpern, executive director of the Columbus International Film and Video Awards, the oldest continuously-running film festival in North America, approached Woody Drake about serving on the board of directors, he jumped at the opportunity to work to again directly support film and video as a creative art.

We are proud to be one of the sponsors of the CHRIS Awards and invite you to learn more about upcoming Movie and Mead screenings on Facebook.


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