Pinned – Blood. Sweat. Bears.

Pinned – Blood. Sweat. Bears.

How much do you really think you know about high school wrestling? Could you begin to imagine how much work goes into being not only a good wrestler, but a state champion? Pat and Mike Norman set out to bring the reality of high school wrestling to center stage in their film, “Pinned.”
Pinned is the story of two wrestlers. First, you have Lance Palmer. Lance is a Senior at St. Edwards High School, one of the top wrestling schools in the nation. He is already a 3-time state champion and wrestles 600lb bears in his free time. Your second wrestler is Matt Curley. Matt is a sophomore and has not been as fortunate to have all of the world-class experience that Lance has. Curley pushes himself to starvation and to his body’s physical tipping point to become his school’s first state champion in half a century.

Lance has been working on his 4-time state title his entire life. Since the age of 9 he has been touring the world, wrestling and competing against the nation’s best wrestlers. This was not Lance’s decision. Lance’s father postpones Christmas morning so that Lance and his younger brother, who is following in Lance footsteps, can be the best that they can be. Lance’s father has felt that it was in both of his son’s best interest to have them repeat 8th grade in order to be better prepared for high school wrestling.


Matt Curley attends an average high school where wrestling is not the main focus. He lives with his single mom and is without the resources that St. Edwards and Lance have had all season. Matt is aware of his disadvantages and decides to keep on pushing himself, until he is a state champion.
Pinned examines how much is too much. How far will someone go to be state champion? In the world of high school wrestling, 2 things are clear. There is only one champion and wrestlers will do whatever they have to do to be the champion.

Pinned does an amazing job of building the story and staying on the road to the state championship with these two spectacular athletes. Hats off to Pat and Mike Norman for an exceptional outlook on what barriers, opportunities and circumstances are in the path to becoming state champion.

On March 5th, The Columbus International Film Festival will host a screening of Pinned at the Gateway Film Center.

The event will be held the same weekend as the Ohio State Wrestling tournament so I urge anyone who is attending the tournament, to attend the screening.

The screening begins at 2pm and tickets are just $5 and can be purchased online or at the door.


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