Digital Storytelling Workshop (in three parts)

Film Council Offices, upstairs
1021 E. Broad St (carriage house in the back)
Columbus, OH

Digital Storytelling Workshop Series

Do you have a personal story to tell? Or are you a non profit that does important work and want to spread the word? Learn how to create a short (3 minute or less) video. This 3 part series will teach you how to script, storyboard, shoot, create, and edit a short digital story.

May 28 1pm-5pm Session 1:
Learn how to write and storyboard a short digital story. Decide what images to use and how to obtain/create them.

June 4 1pm-5pm Session 2:
Learn how to shoot video, scan still photos, record audio v/o for the digital story.

June 11 1pm-5pm Session 3:
Learn how to use imovie to create and finish your digital stories.

This workshop meets on 3 successive Saturday afternoons. The finished works will be screened at ComFest in the Solar tent and posted on youtube. Participants must attend all three sessions. The total cost for all three sessions is $50. Scholarship spots are available to low income/unemployed folks sponsored by a Comfest grant (send requests to ).

Please send a one or two paragraph “story” to that you wish to tell as your workshop project when registering for this workshop series. A maximum of 10 people will be accepted for this series. Also bring any still photos, digital video, or other images that you might want to use on the first workshop day.

Parking is free in the Red Cross parking lot.

To register:


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