Movie Review
By Chris Alexis

**** (out of 5 stars)

Many immigrants come to the United States seeking a better life. Countless people believe in the “American Dream” and have faith that success is practically guaranteed … with a little hard work, of course.

This eye-opening film from director Lee Percy illustrates the agonizing struggle for Zef, an Albanian immigrant. Actor Praq Rado plays Zef in the film based upon his own true story, which makes the tale all that more heartbreaking.

In the film, Zef has entered the United States illegally, but is seeking lawful means to remain in our borders. In order to make ends meet, Zef finds himself dancing at a gay nightclub while pursuing an acting career.

“Dreaming American” puts a spotlight on the immigration debate within our country. The audience is given Zef’s perspective, adding a new angle to the discussion. The film poses a very powerful question to the audience: “If you were in Zef’s shoes … what would you do?”

That question is harder to answer that one might think. And that’s what makes a great film.

One that makes the audience look inside themselves. And wonder.


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