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Homemade Documentarians Take Note!


The Columbus International Film + Video Festival is pleased to announce a new Division geared towards short form experimental and documentary works.

The Basement Division:

[special reduced entry fee & Entry deadline]

Basement films division seeks videos made inexpensively by people interested in documenting the world and people around them. These works can be of any topic, no matter how local or modest. Basement videos are works of authenticity and immediacy and are to have no distribution deals. These works should have a run time under 10 minutes.

While we seek videos made by non-professionals and meant mostly for the people around them, works of vision and quality will be rewarded.

A special reduced entry fee of only $20 will apply only for this division. While there is no Chris Award for this division we are awarding software prizes from Showbiz Software for the top winners in this division.

Entry deadline has been extended without penalty to July 15, 2009.

For entry forms and more information:



Why the 2009 CALL FOR ENTRIES Might Steal Your Boy/Girlfriend

cifvf571As thousands of our filmmaker and producer friends around the world have recently heard, the CIF+VF has released its Call for Entries for 2009. The press releases and pdf’s have traveled from Columbus to the farthest reaches of the globe, as they do every year. But we thought our local friends and audiences might like to see the C.F.E., as well.

Our new C.F.E. introduces a revised slate of divisions, including a couple groundbreaking new ones. As this organization did 57 years ago, the CIF+VF is yet again planting its flag on the cutting edge of the film world. Our new divisions like Basement Film and Animation Film will collect work from the hottest areas of production today. A new Broadcast Journalism division breaks out work that previously landed in other documentary divisions and treats that work as its own form. Meanwhile, our older, venerable divisions honor the century-tested features of traditional documentary and fiction film.

Perhaps most novel in all this is a philosophy we are making more and more articulate that all of these genres of film are aesthetically (and perhaps formally, over time) inseparable. Cross-pollination has always existed across art forms, but today digital production and new media platforms are speeding its pace. Our new divisions are eleven slices of cinema that contain some of the film world’s most exciting works and energy, and only by honoring and supporting each can we begin to see how they all connect.

We’re not here to figure out or summarize the new order, we’re here to fuel its fires. And, with everyone’s help and passion, Columbus and the CIF+VF can continue to be the progressive force dreamed up nearly six decades ago. So peak behind the curtain and check out the new C.F.E. by clicking HERE.