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Why the 2009 CALL FOR ENTRIES Might Steal Your Boy/Girlfriend

cifvf571As thousands of our filmmaker and producer friends around the world have recently heard, the CIF+VF has released its Call for Entries for 2009. The press releases and pdf’s have traveled from Columbus to the farthest reaches of the globe, as they do every year. But we thought our local friends and audiences might like to see the C.F.E., as well.

Our new C.F.E. introduces a revised slate of divisions, including a couple groundbreaking new ones. As this organization did 57 years ago, the CIF+VF is yet again planting its flag on the cutting edge of the film world. Our new divisions like Basement Film and Animation Film will collect work from the hottest areas of production today. A new Broadcast Journalism division breaks out work that previously landed in other documentary divisions and treats that work as its own form. Meanwhile, our older, venerable divisions honor the century-tested features of traditional documentary and fiction film.

Perhaps most novel in all this is a philosophy we are making more and more articulate that all of these genres of film are aesthetically (and perhaps formally, over time) inseparable. Cross-pollination has always existed across art forms, but today digital production and new media platforms are speeding its pace. Our new divisions are eleven slices of cinema that contain some of the film world’s most exciting works and energy, and only by honoring and supporting each can we begin to see how they all connect.

We’re not here to figure out or summarize the new order, we’re here to fuel its fires. And, with everyone’s help and passion, Columbus and the CIF+VF can continue to be the progressive force dreamed up nearly six decades ago. So peak behind the curtain and check out the new C.F.E. by clicking HERE.


SCREENING: “Meat the Truth,” Tues., 3/24, @ Drexel East, 7:30pm

filmposter“A vegetarian in a Hummer is better than a meat eater in a Prius,” say the makers of Meat the Truth. The fact that industrial meat production accounts for around 18% of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions usually goes unreported. SUVs and coal plants are easy targets in environmental talk, but if we’re going to be serious about cutting emissions, we will need to take a closer look at our habits and consider their true costs.

Join us at the Drexel Theater in Bexley next week to watch Meat the Truth. The screening is free and will be followed by a guest speaker from Mercy for Animals, with the conversation spilling into the Radio Cafe afterwards.  Sponsored by the Free Press, Drexel Theater, Central Ohio Green Education Fund, and your friendly CIF+VF.

Details:  Tues., Mar.24, 7:30pm, Drexel East Theater, Bexley, OH  2254 E. Main St., admission free, donations gratefully accepted.

COMING SOON: new website! new Call for Entries!

We’re only days away from our first major news of 2009!  Next week our new website will go live, and we will release our new Call for Entries.  The Columbus International Film + Video Festival is going to have a big 2009. We’ll be breaking new ground and stirring things up in the film world. Meanwhile, we’ll be building ever stronger networks and communities, connecting filmmakers and audiences to the outside world and to each other.

Ah, but if that all sounds a bit catch-phrase-y, fear not:  2009 will be full of film, fun, talk, action, learning, argument, opportunity, and camaraderie. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for news and provocations.

Happy New Year from the CIF+VF! (Now with Screenings!)

To kick off the New Year, check out some CIF+VF films at two different venues tonight and tomorrow.

Venue #1, New Year’s Eve:  First Night!  While you’re downtown, pop into COSI to warm up with some family films.  We’re screening our Saturday Morning Cartoons From Around the World in a continuous loop from 5pm to 11pm.  An admission button for all of First Night is $12 at the door.

Venue #2, New Year’s Day:  Join the Wild Goos Creative’s New Year’s Festival at Studio 35 for a screening of Mary Howard’s Swept Out. This moving documentary takes viewers into Columbus’s homeless communities.   Managing to be touching without being manipulative, Swept Out introduces us to fellow residents we too often overlook.  (3055 Indianola Ave., 3:00-4:30pm, open to attendees of the festival and to the public for $5 at the door)

EL FIN? Not for long. . .

We are celebrating another successful film festival, around here.  We’d like to thank out sponsors . . . our volunteers . . . the Academy…

But seriously, if you couldn’t tell, the 2008 festival was higher voltage than in previous years.  We definitely created some heat (and no one was harmed in the process (well, my injuries include some back pain from a filmmaker’s very heavy suitcase …and a parking ticket)).  We brought more films to more venues than ever before.  We managed to juggle politics, drag, Irish boxing, and revolution in nearly every genre of filmmaking possible.  Plus, we proved the “International” in “CIF+VF” isn’t just for good looks.  The accents heard at the party on Saturday night showed that the festival still has some pull around the world.

But we were maybe most excited to make a lot new friends around town.  The CIF+VF cadre is looking forward to working with a lot of new people, forging new relationships, building bridges between communities, pushing the art in new directions, and exploding the ideas of film and filmmaking, . . . in short, creating a socio-artistic mashup that will put Columbus on the map.

Over the next couple months, we’ll be posting various things here:  festival reviews, local bios, photos, upcoming events, calls for volunteers, posited theses, weather reports, pod-manifestoes, and whatnot.

But wait, there’s more:  this has all been a long commercial break before the . . . Festival Epilogue!  We’re actually bringing you one more film!  It’s on Tues., 11/25.  Details shortly…(okay, here’s a hint)

Thanks again for a great festival.  See you around.

SUNDAY SCREENING: “A Promise to the Dead: The Exile Journey of Ariel Dorfman,” @CCAD, 8pm

We close our festival tonight with the documentary A Promise to the Dead, an exploration of exile, activism, longing, and democracy through the words and memories of author/activist Ariel Dorfman. Stephen Holden of the New York Times called this film “A life changing experience…a profile in courage colored with the anxiety of a human rights activist faced with painful moral choices.”

(personal note:  this is one of the best documentaries i’ve ever seen.  this film seamlessly goes from a biography to a political history to a meditation on the individual’s role historic moments.  it’s essential viewing for anyone who strives to be an activist or who wants to make a thoughtful film.)

DETAILS:  Sun., 11/16, Canzani Center (CCAD), 60 Cleveland Ave., parking free in CCAD lots or on street, admission free for all students, all others just $5.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Short Films + Awards + DiLoretto and DeSando Host!

Johnny DiLoretto & John DeSando of "Cinema Classics"

Join Columbus film critics Johnny DiLoretto and John DeSando Saturday, Nov 15, for the 56th annual Columbus International Film + Video Festival Awards Ceremony at CCAD’s Canzani Center. MAP

But first we think you should slip into something a little more animated!

Sit back and let these cutting edge animated films from around the world make mincemeat of your mind.

The program of short film starts at 7:30pm and includes the Grand Prix Oberhausen winner Chainsaw, a stunning story about Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, chainsaw safety, and bullfighting.

Admission is FREE for students, all others just $5 at the door. Parking is FREE in CCAD lots and on the street.

Our Esteemed Hosts

Johnny DiLoretto is a Reporter on FOX 28 Good Day Columbus. We know Johnny (and photographer Rodney Middendorf) for scoping out the under-appreciated, well worn, and unabashedly local hotspots of Central Ohio. Their reports can be seen throughout the week on FOX 28.

John DeSando is Co-Host of WCBE’s It’s Movie Time along with Clay Lowe. DeSando is a former vice-chairman of The Film Council of Greater Columbus, the parent entity of the Columbus International Film + Video Festival, for whom we are eternally and cinematically grateful.

Our Co-Hosts are partners on the weekly radio program Cinema Classics. This show discusses great movies then and now, from films, genres, directors, and actors, to everything else in between. Cinema Classics is regularly broadcast at 8:01 pm Thursday and 2:01 pm Saturday on WCBE 90.5 FM.

Can’t Wait? OK…on-demand at the WCBE website here: Cinema Classics On Demand.

We’ll see you Saturday night!