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A Powerful Noise – Drexel Screening Tuesday August 25th!

A Powerful Noise at the Drexel tomorrow, Tuesday the 25th at 7:30pm

The sun has come out for a momentary “good afternoon,” and August in Ohio seems inordinately cool & comfortable. Its been a few months since the last Festival/Free Press event, so we are all looking forward seeing you at the Drexel Theater, Tuesday evening, for this late summer shindig.

The drexel is blocks away from fresh sushi, an irish pub, and the spectacular Jeni’s ice cream in Bexley! Call it the last screening of summer vacation, mothers bring your daughters! Fathers, sons, brother’s and sisters make an evening of it.


Many films emphasize the glaring differences between developing and developed nations, creating an “us/them” perspective that minimizes the relevance to Western audiences. However, this documentary captivates viewers because it speaks to the common aspirations, the common abilities that all women share. “A Powerful Noise” is a meditation on the inherent potential of women to change the world. “A Powerful Noise”. The impact of one voice. The power of many.

Please consider joining us tomorrow evening for a powerful film, with powerful consequences.

Film reviewed by Roger Landes, here.

Plus… whats not to love when Admission is free!


Documentary on Columbus Homeless

Join us at the Drexel Theater, Tuesday, May 26th at 7:30pm

Join us at the Drexel Theater, Tuesday, May 26th at 7:30pm

“Swept Out”

A Film By Mary Howard

— With filmmaker Q & A!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm (73 minutes).
Location: Drexel East
(2254 E Main St. Bexley, OH)

The Columbus International Film + Video Festival is pleased to announce they will be re-screening Mary Howard’s “Swept Out”, on May 26, 2009 at 7:30 PM at the Drexel East, 2254 E. Main Street in Bexley, Ohio. (map)

Filmed and edited by sociology/anthropology professor Mary Howard, Ph.D., “Swept Out” takes viewers behind the scenes into several tent and shanty communities in downtown Columbus. The documentary was shot over four seasons in 2006.  The filmmaker will do Q & A after the film. The screening is sponsored by the Free Press, Drexel Theater and the Central Ohio Green Education Fund Film. Admission is free, donations accepted.

Contact: 253-2571, truth@freepress.org.

Update on CineMUSEica

This update is from Kevin Ward, GM at the Landmark’s Gateway Theater:

“We plan to have our first CineMUSEica here at the Gateway on Wednesday, February 25th. In order to have enough time to create this program we will be having an organizational meeting on Thursday, January 8th at 8:30pm at the Gateway Theater. I suggest you bring a sample of your work just in case we have the option to pair groups together. We will be covering all the logistics & the parameters you will have to work with as well as audio and video formatting.”

SCREENING: “Boogieman: The Lee Atwater Story” @ the Drexel, 11/25, 8pm

We promised an epilogue to the CIF+VF, and here it is: Tuesday night’s screening of Boogieman, a political documentary that explains the last 25 years of American politics and the art & science of divisiveness.  Lee Atwater created formulas for winning elections and for holding onto power; he was the Isaac Newton of the Republican Party, and the laws he discovered included the rhetorical equivalent of gravity—that fundamental downward force—that has shaped the country perhaps more than any single force in decades.

In contrast to the subject, this might be the most balanced political documentary you’ll ever see. Many sides of the issue are presented, and all the interviewees seem very unedited.  Viewers of all political persuasions—the Machiavellian ruiners and the softy uniters, alike—will walk away feeling validated.

The Nov. 4th election was a rare defeat for the Atwater method, but it surely doesn’t indicate the method’s death.

DETAILS: Tues., 11/25, Drexel Theater (Bexley), 2254 Main St., 7:30pm; Admission is free!

SCREENING, Tonight!, “The Challenge of Change” 8pm

Festival week is upon us!  Join us tonight at Germania in German Village for a screening of The Challenge of Change:  In the Melting Heart of the Alps. This documentary about the sweeping effects of climate change demonstrates how climate change isn’t just about smaller glaciers but reaches deeply into our cultures.


When:  Tues., 11/11, 8pm

Where:  Germania (in German Village), 543 S. Front Street, Columbus, OH

Admission:  FREE!  Beer and brats available at the bar.

My Columbus Film Beat: Greg Sabo

Today we bring you another weekly installment of My Columbus Film Beat wherein area film types have 100 words to introduce themselves.

*   *   *

Greg Sabo is a cinematographer based in Ohio specializing in high definition acquisition.

“I love telling a story with cinematic images so words are not necessary. I also run a rental business supplying equipment to producers for commercials and independent projects –helping other people realize their dreams.”



So it seems we have to live with electronic voting machines, at least for now.  And we usually have to live with people in power lying to us, from time to time.  But do we have to live with murder?  Seriously?!  The main character of this upcoming documentary, the computer programmer Clint Curtis, alleges that the story surrounding our electronic voting machines involves not just hacking and Republican shenanigans, but the “m” word, as well.

Murder, Spies, and Voting Lies:  The Clint Curtis Story is the third and final film in our Political Series that has kicked off festival season.  It is definitely the most wild of the three.

Here’s the official description:  How can you be certain if you vote on a computer whose software is owned by a private corporation and which leaves no paper record? Clint Curtis, a computer programmer, recounts how Congressman Tom Feeney, (R-FL) asked him to create vote-rigging software for electronic voting machines, way back in 2000. This provocative and timely new documentary, profiles the seamiest side of our democracy: the creation of vote-rigging software and the wholesale transfer of control over local, state, and national elections to the Republican-dominated Diebold Corporation. Look for cameos from Bob Fitrakis, Gore Vidal, Cynthia McKinney and Diebold hacker Harri Hursti. Guaranteed to have you running for paper ballots.


where:  Drexel Theater, 2254 E Main St, Bexley, OH 43209

when:   7:30pm, Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Admission is FREE!