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Phonebanking for the CIFVF

Thursday, June 16 ยท 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Cup O’ Joe/MoJoe Lounge
627 S. Third St (German Village)
Columbus, OH

Bring your laptop, cell phone and your Kroger Plus keyfob tag and help us call folks so that they can tell Kroger to donate monies to the CIFVF. What’s that you say? http://www.chrisawards.org/kroger/

The CIFVF needs your help to sign up more folks. Bring your phonebook (if it isn’t in your phone/laptop) and help us by calling all your pals and getting them to sign up for the CIFVF with Kroger. It costs them nothing and the CIFVF gets paid. How cool is that? Free Cup O Joe gift certificates for the person who gets the most folks to sign up.


Kroger And The Columbus International Film + Video Festival

To those of you who have been kind enough to have signed up for the Film Council of Greater Columbus in the Kroger community rewards program, it is time to reup. I know it’s goofy but Kroger requires you to go back to their web site and choose us again (#80209). If you don’t remember how OR if you have never signed up go to http://www.chrisawards.org/kroger/
and do it!

It’s free and then Kroger gives us (the CIFVF aka FC) monies every time you shop! How cool is that?