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Another Screening of GASLAND

Just in case you missed the first one, the CIFVF and the Sierra Club are bringing GASLAND to Studio 35 on April 19 at 7pm.

Fracking is coming to Ohio, learn all about it.

Studio 35 Theater
3055 Indianola Avenue
Columbus, OH

Followed by a discussion panel including Matt Trokan from the Sierra Club and other fracking experts.

Admission is only $5 (proceeds to Sierra Club and the CIFVF)


“Swept-Out” Screens to a Full House

Columbus showed a healthy turnout for a screening of a local documentary, Swept Out , by Mary Howard, on May 26th at the Drexel Theater.

The event, presented by the Columbus Free Press and the Festival, played to a large crowd- prompting Drexel Theater staff to move the film to a larger screen just before the lights dimmed.

“Swept Out” tells the stories of hundreds of Columbus citizens who survive outside in their cars, under highway overpasses and in tent and shanty communities near downtown. The raw, unadorned lens reveals the multi-layered difficulties present in caring for this under-the-radar community.

Earl Wurdlow

MC Earl Wurdlow, lyric oratory – perking up audiences ears before the film.

Earl Wurdlow played orator, read: master of ceremonies, for the evening and Festival Director Susan Halpern and a host of new film fest interns provided free stuff (whats an event without a raffle,right?!).

Following the screening, Mary Howard, answered audience questions, and provided an update from the field concerning the whereabouts of a few of the individuals featured in the film.

Mary Howard

Mary Howard sharing behind the scenes insight into the problem of the geography of Columbus’s homeless: “not in my back yard, but nowhere else to go”

Ken Andrews, Outreach Coordinator for the Columbus Open Shelter , was in attendance and added insight into  solutions for homeless access to shelter.

After months of tightening focus in the media on the subject of financial, psychological, and personal difficulties in the current economic climate, the affect of Swept Out relies less on our distanced compassion than on realizing “we are all a few paychecks away from being on the street,” as one homeless resident reiterates throughout the film.


My Columbus Film Beat: Gail Mezey

Today we bring you another installment of My Columbus Film Beat wherein area film types introduce themselves.  Today it’s Gail Mezey.

*   *   *

Gail has over 20 years experience as a producer and production manager. Some of her credits include, PBS “Great Performances,” documentaries for MTV, and TLC, and commercials for Herbal Essence, Disney, Bud Light, and BP to name a few.

Over the past few years she has worked to create an independent non-profit film commission for Columbus and Central Ohio. The Greater Columbus Film Commission is focused on enhancing the independent, feature, and commercial film industry in the region and is actively promoting Central Ohio as a premier filming destination.

Ohio Lt Governor Lee Fisher appointed Gail to the newly formed Media Advisory Board and Film Task Force to look at how Ohio can bring in more production work to the state. Partnering with the Ohio Film Commission and the Cleveland and Cincinnati film commissions, the Greater Columbus film commission is working to bring tax incentives for filming in Ohio.