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Pecha Kucha Night in Columbus, 2/19/09

We know this is last minute, but we know you hipsters turn on a dime, so grab a few dimes and go to the Gateway Landmark theater on Thursday night for Columbus’s Pecha Kucha Night. If you’re not familiar with this night, word:  14 presenters talk about their creative pursuits for 7 minutes each, or maybe it’s 20 images for 20 sec. each. Okay, so it’s actually a bit flexible—e.g., presenters come from many different creative fields, from filmmaking to chocolate making—, but the point is to put a dozen+ interesting people from your community in front of an audience. And we can’t think of a better recession-time amusement: the suggested donation is $2. I suppose there are pragmatic, networking-related benefits of the events, too, but you can’t beat the purity of this model for creative sharing.

Thursday night will feature at least two friends of the CIF+VF. Come see Matt Meindl—friend, juror, and muse of the Festival—talk about his short films and show samples of 20 of his works (yes, 20). Also check out Walker Evans, friend of the CIF+VF and intrepid creator of ColumbusUnderground.com, discussing our interactive future.

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