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OH! Social Networks

If you haven’t noticed already, these posts are also being carried on our Myspace and Facebook pages. Our Twitter page carries some daily chatter, as well. If you’re part of those worlds, navigate over there and join the crowd; if you’re not, you are SO 2006. If you’re not getting updates on your mobile, checking the latest Twitter and Facebook statuses while driving blind through a school zone and drinking a Red Bull and talking to your clients on the Bluetooth and unwrapping your arepa from El Arepazo such that you have to use your left hand to shift your manual mini Cooper, you’re not truly a member of the Creative Class. But really, getting frequent updates will be extra important once our screenings start (9/26!). Of course you can RSS this blog, too. Whatever you do, keep those eyes on your mobile; I’m sure that light’ll stay green.

Anyway, the Friends have come out of the woodwork. It turns out there are countless film nuts in central Ohio after all. I guess we were just missing each other at different screenings, we’ve been Netflix hermits, or we’ve been hunkered over our Final Cut screens. Anyway, we smell a movement. Or cilantro.

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