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New Opportunity for Local Video Artists

This info came to us by way of KC Allen, who produced Columbus’s recent 48 Hour Film Project. (Thanks, KC!)

Kevin Ward, theater manager of the Gateway Theater on the OSU campus, is starting up a new video & music endeavor, called CineMUSEica. In his words:

“This is a collaborative effort between music and film paired together for a unique experience. I am in the planning stages of resurrecting this program here at the Gateway and I am looking for video artist participation.

“CineMUSEica is a simple program. We have a film that plays which has no soundtrack whatsoever. A band plays a score written specific to that film which is played live in the theater.”

He would like to meet with video artists who may be interested in participating in this artistic venture. He wants to organize a meeting of interested video artists and musicians, where he will lay out what CineMUSEica is and possibly pair up artists at that time.

If you’re interested, you can contact Kevin Ward, the GM of the Gateway, at:
614- 545- 2255